III. London – Covent Garden, Kings Cross

Covent Garden is one of my favourite places to visit in London, so we spent Saturday morning roaming the streets before breakfast. The dreary overcast sky can never take away the vibrant beauty of the place; it actually enhances it.  From the Covent Garden's Apple Market, which offers a unique range of handmade items, to… Continue reading III. London – Covent Garden, Kings Cross

II. London – Hyde Park

The second day of our trip in London involved a lovely walk in Hyde Park from Marble Arch, surrounded by a beautiful riot of autumnal colours. The air was crisp and invigorating, and the sound of leaves crunching beneath our feet was absolutely exquisite. We met with loads of squirrels along the way, some shy,… Continue reading II. London – Hyde Park

I. London 2019

Oct 31st- Nov 5th There's just something about London that makes you want to visit it again and again.  This was my third trip but surely not the last, because no matter how many times you visit, there is always something new to discover. It is a city full of quirks, colours, history,  and life,… Continue reading I. London 2019

London Bookshops

I just got back from a blissful week in London, and I miss this gorgeous city already. While I did visit the city multiple times, this time I wanted to fully indulge my bookish fancies and visit as many bookshops as I could...and buy loads of books in the process! By the end of the… Continue reading London Bookshops